The world is filled with many types of people.

First > The Unreliable Type.
They are unreliable and are known to vanish when you need them. They promise you things but do not expect it delivered. Worst is to allow them to manage money as they lack self control.

Second > Unterior Motives Type.
Beware as these are dangerous types as they behave, talk, and walk like a friend yet something sinister is lurking in them without you ever detecting it. They might have a master to answer to or are just plain crazy and likes to create havoc where ever they be. They can act helpless and looked distress appearing the victim and playing to your compassion and kindness. Yet later they will eat you alive and spit you out.

Third > Plain Act Stupid Type.
When confronted, they act stupid like nothing happened but is able to speak loudly about how noble they are while pointing out others’ wrong doings. 

Fourth > In-breeding Type.
They will claim they are of well-breed and of high credentials while others are of no-breed.

Just remember there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world.
You eat > You pay!