Little Dickies

PENANG, May 22 (Bernama) — Two state assemblymen Tuesday proposed a dress code for women aimed at checking sexual harassment and violent sexual acts against women.

Shabudin Yahaya (BN-Permatang Berangan) said the way women dressed up was among factors that led to sexual harassment and violent sexual acts being committed.”The women’s dressing nowadays can entice men to harass and do things to them,” he said when debating the motion of thanks in the state assembly Monday.

Datuk Jasmin Mohamed (BN-Sungai Dua) said women’s pursuit of position prompted many of them to put aside their responsibility to the family and was one of the reasons for the violent sexual acts.


You can tell how small a man is by the way he talks. Little does he knows everytime he opens he’s mouth with some sexist and low respect remarks on women he’s actually insulting his own mother, sister and wife/s.

Recently we had not one but two little dickies that were forced to apologize ‘with one eye closed’ and now we have another two little dickies with a ‘you’re too sexy’ remark!

Heaven forbids they must have had an enjoyable time sucking on their mothers’ tities until they cannot stop picturing every women as large breasts filled with milk. Fear not women, we are now certain this four MPs have little dickies>>>>

Coincendally >>> Some someone made a crude remark about raping U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice! Yes the picture above^ here is the story:

Rape is Not Funny
XM Satellite Shock Jocks Opie and Anthony Go Too Far
On a May 9 broadcast of the Opie & Anthony Show on XM Satellite Radio, the show’s hosts (whose real names are Gregg Hughes and Anthony Cumia), welcomed a guest they called Homeless Charlie, who said he would like to rape U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, First Lady Laura Bush, and even Queen Elizabeth. In the broadcast, Hughes and Cumia clearly encouraged the guest’s horrifying remarks — they laughed and imagined “the horror” on Rice’s face as she is held down and punched in the face. more…